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Amaury Blondet Website: Digital Media bilingual professional with 10 years of experience in content development, strategic planning, integrated marketing, user experience design, and project management who applies creativity, leadership and expertise to develop and execute solutions that create customer/user value. Utilizes innovation, communication and interpersonal skills to build teams that meet and exceed goals. Always eager to contribute expertise in social media relations, digital trends, marketing efforts, revenue improvement, and brand exposure. MBA.

sharing awesomeness

sharing awesomeness

Can Content Producers Be Disruptors Or Is Content Only Meant To Be Disrupted?

Amaury Blondet

Why is content such a dirty word in venture capital?  We have seen a few generations of technology entrepreneurs and investors, but there have been far fewer successful outcomes for media startups.  In fact, most of the value has remained in the hands of the Traditional Media Companies (TMCs), and as such, executives in those fields have not really had the vast war chests to fund new startups in media. And frankly, many content executives have been shell-shocked by technology disruption, so they tend to avoid content investments and favor media technology startups when they move over to investing.   If you look at the “digital media” companies in most VCs portfolio, it’s not content but rather tech that focuses on the media industry.