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Amaury Blondet Website: Digital Media bilingual professional with 10 years of experience in content development, strategic planning, integrated marketing, user experience design, and project management who applies creativity, leadership and expertise to develop and execute solutions that create customer/user value. Utilizes innovation, communication and interpersonal skills to build teams that meet and exceed goals. Always eager to contribute expertise in social media relations, digital trends, marketing efforts, revenue improvement, and brand exposure. MBA.

sharing awesomeness

sharing awesomeness

Amaury Blondet

Mother New York and MPC partnered to create the Kyocera Echo Temple for the Virgin Mobile FreeFest music festival. The Echo Temple was an installation which allowed the movements of people to become music.
 The Echo Temple consisted of six large speaker towers with motion tracking cameras around a central tower with subwoofers. People who stood in front of the towers were able to manipulate an instrument’s volume, pitch and audio effect by moving their body and waving fans branded with special symbols. The central tower produced the core of the mix: drums, bass, drones and the main harmonic progressions. The tower also had architectural bamboo that could be tapped to trigger percussive sounds within the mix.