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Amaury Blondet Website: Digital Media bilingual professional with 10 years of experience in content development, strategic planning, integrated marketing, user experience design, and project management who applies creativity, leadership and expertise to develop and execute solutions that create customer/user value. Utilizes innovation, communication and interpersonal skills to build teams that meet and exceed goals. Always eager to contribute expertise in social media relations, digital trends, marketing efforts, revenue improvement, and brand exposure. MBA.

sharing awesomeness

sharing awesomeness

Thinking about the Future of Informed Communities and Journalism

Amaury Blondet

When it comes to the state of our deliberative democracy, here’s one thing we do know: There’s never been a time when citizens have had more informational inputs at their disposal. But here’s something we don’t know: Whether citizens have access to the right sort of information — or know how to take action based upon that information — to make informed decisions about their communities and society. What steps can be taken to make sure they do?